FOR SALE VW 1974 "patina" campervan LHD california import

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  1. We've seen a motorhome now, so we're looking at moving vinny on as soon as.

    With regret, we have decided to sell our van, we're moving into the motorhome world, as the van just doesn't have the space for us no more.
    imported from California in 2014/2015, everything rubber replaced, new floor and battery tray when it was imported. Kept the original paint, obviously very sunbleached, totally unique patina, 1.7 type 4 engine, which has been very reliable , new twin carbs, new mot, tax exempt, lots of history etc with it, kept every receipt we have had. No welding required at all, the original paint is very looked after. Looking for a motorhome and as the van just isn't bigger enough for our growing family. Any questions please feel free to ask.

    Looking in the region of £11.5k located upppp northhh (stokesley,north Yorkshire)
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  2. Links not working, shame your selling but needs must .
  3. I know, trying to sort it but it's not having it, I know mate, I'd love to keep it as a day van, but just doesn't work practical wise.
  4. bernjb56

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    You just need to post the URL for each picture on photobucket.
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  5. I normally copy and paste it and it works, doesn't want to play ball, maybe it's the van fighting back.
    Still for sale, photos are still playing up and not working from Photobucket, I can e mail a load more photos, looking for in the region of £13k
  7. "Patina" i think is a nicer description than rat look. GLWTS.
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  8. I like your style rob, going to revamp the add, if nothing happens on evil bay by tomorrow morning. Thanks for the suggestion.
  9. if it were mine i'd also look to put some more oem-style covers on the front seats (the purple jars with the rest of the bus IMO) and throw some mexican blankets on the green vinyl R&r bed. or just keep it and put the kids in an awning :)
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  10. I know it's a bit of clash and not exactly original ha, it's what we like at the time, and never thought we would sell, it just hasn't got the room for us all. Looking at buying a classic b544 hymer :)
  11. your asking price of 13.5k seems very optimistic in the current quiet market.

    its your van with your own personal touches, but clearly the body and paint needs doing and that must hit the price and your interior décor would not appeal to many.

    sold prices at the moment are quite low and its been mentioned a lot on here lately, I think you should rethink your price, my thoughts are 8k to 10k. Just my opinion.
  12. I think it's supposed to look like that
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  13. Noooo! Looks perfect as it is in my eyes. Not everyone wants a shiny van.
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  14. Its a nice van in its own way and the rat look and individual décor taste was enjoyed by the current owner.

    Now its for sale, its just a van and will sell for as much as someone will pay for it.

    I would stick it on ebay to see if any interested buyers.
  15. Ahhh someone's offered 10k, I'm thinking that's not enough.... decisions decisions.
  16. Take it.
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  17. Dropped the price to £12k for late bay members
    We'll be at Redcar volks power on Saturday, if anyone is aboot. Had a day at the beach last weekend, going to miss him, but needs must.
  18. Updated properly and priced at 11.5k. Been let down by a buyer, so need to move him on unfortunately

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  19. Down to to 10.5k, I won't be taking any less on him, so no offers below.


  20. keep trying, if the 10k offer is still on the table I would go back to them. what happened on ebay, any interest or just low offers?

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