VW 1972 Bay Campervan - Sheldon Hightop £5500

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  1. For sale is my VW 72 Bay campervan with a Sheldon Hightop.

    Its has a Peugeot Diesel engine installed, along with a Peugeot dashboard. 64k miles on the engine.

    The body isn't straight, but i did sand it down in the summer to roller paint it and came across hardly any rust ( a little bit under a sil) I painted in Savanna magnolia, it needs a few more coats and buffing to finish it off.

    Underneath is solid ( i had a VW mechanic look at it)

    Inside, there is a 3/4 rock n roll bed, sink, grill and gas cooker. I have added authentic south american rugs and used them for lining the door panels, a Turkish rug for the floor and hippy/Indian fabric for the headlining. It's all been done DIY, but i think it looks a million times better then when i got it.

    The hightop was put on at somepoint after having a westy roof removed (judging by previous receipts) it has the Westfalia hole in the roof. The hightop is a shell inside, and has no racks or doors etc. Is great for headroom and storage.

    I have the Front VW emblem and tailgate emblem, plus a westfalia cupboard included.

    I've owned it for under a year, driven out every Sunday and down to Norfolk and back. It starts every time.

    Only issues are it does overheat, but not alot, and less now that ive gotten used to driving it.

    Im selling as i want a pop top, i'll be very sad to see her go, but cant afford to have a pop top installed, unless anyone has a westy roof for sale?

    Price £4999

    Im based in Harringey, North London

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  2. PRICE DROPPED to £5995
  3. rickyrooo1

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    i'm loving the dash idea but i guess admitting it overheats is putting people off, diesels run hot anyway and with the rad being at the back? i'm guessing that won't help.
  4. I'm not sure where the radiator is or what it looks like... Can anyone shed sone light in this please. I'm a totally clueless with motors.
  5. Flakey

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    Can you take a picture with the engine lid open and one underneath we might be able to spot the radiator for you,
    Are they mushrooms or conkers growing in the gutter?
  6. Will do, thanks flakey. They are berries from a rowan tree outside my house. I have since moved it away from the tree.
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  7. i hope this helps

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  8. rickyrooo1

    rickyrooo1 Hanging round like a bad smell

    your rad is on the right, hence the rear being a grille and it overheating, not enough airflow really.
  9. jivedubbin

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    a big vent in the side lower panel by the rad would help , any conversions ive seen have the rad slung underneath on a mount , just saying
  10. Thank you for the info. I tip my hat to you both
  11. Flakey

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    Seems to me you've got an interesting bus there, I understand the high top thing, not my cup of tea but each to his own and some people really like them. Problem you've got is at the sort of price you seem to be heading towards getting for it what kind of pop top bus are you going to get for the same money? A rolling resto at best! You know your bus now, you like aspects of it , the overheating can be sorted and its a deiseil! all good.
    Must be better to buy a second hand poptop for it, they do come up for sale, you would sell your high top for an amount of money to someone to partly offset cost and you'll end up with an individual bus that's all yours.
  12. That's a good point you make. I was quoted 2500 to fit a second hand pop top. So I'm hoping to sell it get as close to 6k and contribute another 2k. That's the plan anyway. If I don't get any decent offers I may add a paris sunroof. that is 1500 all in.... They do look nice but hard to sleep more than 2. To be fair I use it mainly for driving on Sundays and the odd road trip. anyone have experience if paris roofs?
  13. With you and me that makes (at least) two Sheldon high tops in Haringey. Small world! Good luck with the sale, or modifications or whatever you end up doing.
  14. Price reduced
  15. price reduced. 12 months mot
  16. Price reduced
  17. I only just noticed your title thread - £55,000 is a bit steep - you may want to amend it.
  18. Thanks Cunny tuesday_wildchild

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