Volksworld show

Discussion in 'Show Event Photos' started by paradox, Mar 30, 2014.

  1. Hopefully we'll get next year!
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  3. Me too

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  4. She told me tonight if I bring home another vw that needs restoring I'm out lol .... Watch this space :p
  5. so soon as me and pal got to vw about 3pm friday after a 3 1/2 hour drive we hit the cans,got a bit nippy so this couple invited us in for a few more cans tina and geof in ther t4 vw1.jpg vw2.jpg
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  6. then we got in the que for the show the next morning with a very very very bad head and sun glasses on (not as bad as @mikedjames looked) but only to pull in to the gate and bang no gears !!! some clown forgot the safty wire in the rear gear coupling,some how got 1st and got it in and started the day with a few photos allso the very nice show girls stopped to check out daisy !! then at then after the end of the weekend feeling very sleepy and run down (due to no sleep) and to many beers ect was driving the 133 miles home and after high wycomb was greeted to the sun setting in the harison just put a smile on my face and felt proud af what id got done and built in 17 months to finnaly start enjoying cheers to u all for a top top weekend roll on techenders next stop :beer::thumbsup: vw3.jpg vw4.jpg vw5.jpg vw6.jpg vw7.jpg
  7. so is that something you Never did in your bus , errm the .....................:D nice pics si:thumbsup:
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  8. was in the right place to get the new pin which had completly fell out and used champayne cork wire for the home journey !! im learning barn !!
  9. i was thinking one of your better photos actually ;)
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  10. i no exaclty what u was getting at bud ;) i said excuse me trying to look cool ....... would u let me take a photo by the bus... which the blond replied as long as its by it not in it :eek:
  11. they lie
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  12. nice pics guys :)

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