VolksWorld - Sandown - 23-24 March 2013

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  1. Birdy

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    So who hasn't got their tickets?? l am yet to get mine. There is less than 5 weeks to go which means there can only be 16 odd days until l can tax the bus MATTHEW!!!!!! HorTs
  2. we will be there very late again, as im using my last days off of the yr to help my parents move, so will prob get there late evening and crash wherever we park up, we will be in the splitterz vw club line up, so come and say hi
  3. I'll PM you the name of the lady sorting out line-up stuff. If you give her your order ref I'm sure she can track down your tickets (but maybe wait until next week as all line-up info due by 15th)
  4. Any suggestions about where to stay other than in my van? Will have hubby in tow and don't think he'd be overjoyed to sleep in it during cold weather. As you can probably tell Violetta is my baby not his.................... but he'll come round. :)
  5. I think there is a travelodge nearby.

    I will be there around 5 ish now getting inked in the morning!
  6. Morkc68 stayed at a travel lodge in Leatherhead last year i believe PM him, Or tell hubby he can stay at the travel lodge and you'll be in the van ;) TBH i never thought i'd like camping, I mean for gods sake hotel rooms make so much more sense, but since the 1st time camping in the bus i've been hooked!

    What you getting done Mikey?
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  7. Yes - what and where? I can't imagine you have much space left :p
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  8. I think Mike4 having "I love Birdy " written just above his man Garden
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  9. MorkC68

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    You rang Sir :D

    Yeah we stayed at The Premier Inn on Chessington Road, Leatherhead - got a good pub there too, The Monkey Puzzler. Taxi's are cheap ish if you want to get a cab there & have a beer or two or its about 10 mins by car, easy to find!
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  10. Birdy

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    Brilliant. That means we can slap you and it will hurt.
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  11. you will have to wait for the drunken strip show later
  12. Birdy

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    Ohhhh. Please say Becc's is coming.
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  13. I couldn't quite decide whether that was a Birdy looking at a rotten bus 'oh' or an excited 'oh' lol :)
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  14. kenregency

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    anyone else got tickets yet
  15. Birdy

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    Rotten bus ohhhh.
  16. I've put this on the display thread but I really want ideas from everyone.
    Every year after the display there is a lot of talk about how we don't have a big enough area and are tucked away from everyone else (true!)
    This year let's try and make our display stand out so that we can gradually convince VolksWorld to give us a bigger spot

    Right guys - we've got about a month to go.
    I'd like to make our display a bit more special this year (and hopefully increase our chances of getting a bigger pitch next year) so thoughts on a postcard.
    Marowak will have Pinky with the bubble machine.
    Richard will provide homebrew (probably)
    What do people think to sorting out tea and cakes for people that come down to our stall?
    What can we put all of this stuff on?
    Do we want to go vintage or retro or make it a good place for the kids?
    Open to all and any suggestions
  17. Good plan Jen! I'd be quite happy to attempt to make cakes although I've only made a couple before (but won a work award for one of them :D) and I love the idea of a retro 70's feel. Anyone got a space hopper they can lend us :cool:
  18. Plus we'd need a soda stream and maybe swingball :cool:
  19. Health and Saftey!

    But i'm sure it'll be fine if i'm not allowed to play :D
  20. Retro's a good idea. Space Hopper races for the kids !

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