Volksworld 2016 TLB line up

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  1. As u walk up the stairs bear left outside and u will see us all in the paddock with a banner
  2. Grand, thanks :thumbsup:
  3. so do we just need the camping tickets?? Ive got mine through but do we then have to get more to get the vans in?? I is confuseded
  4. No just get camping ticket I'll sort the rest matey I can get u x2 tickets per bus if needed
  5. yes please si! I'm dragging the missus lol. she's not happy about camping :D. I won't be sleeping in the double cab but will have to pitch a tent next to it, is that a bit of an issue do you think.
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  6. No issue mate no bother we will have our own camping patch any ways were we allways camp I'll be there 1st any ways but drive into camping area half way down on left is a car park and half way down there in right I'll try get banner up
  7. Cool beans! :) enjoy frogland and see you in a couple of weeks! :thumbsup:
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  8. mikedjames

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    I did offer to make up some mini A4 sized posters you can blutack in the window with the van's name. the TLB logo and something about its story if you like.

    So if you want one, I should have enough time to do it before the show. Please PM me if you want one and I will try to do it.

    Or alternatively I can make something generic which just has the TLB logo and the URL for this site on it. How many do we need ?

    Simon, do you have the yellow banner that we laid on the ground last year - should we get some poles so we can put it up higher so people dont keep walking on it? - I just read one of the previous posts - you have the banner.

    Yet again my bus has decided to play up at the last minute- it drives OK but one of the wheel bearings is noisy. Worst is I replaced the wrong one today...
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  9. I think Iv still got mine from last year Mick I was suprised how many folk read them actually I'll be down early Friday matey get our normal camping spot if poor weather maybe closer carpark I'll get banner out
  10. mikedjames

    mikedjames Supporter

    I'm all ready to go.. or am I ?
    I hope that GSF has a wheel bearing - they did have one last Thursday...
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  11. hey guys iv got 10 on the list if u all turn up x1 is on reserve list who is camping !! iv txt u all to confirm if ur all still coming thanks who have replied see u tomorrow and if u can't make it pop me a msg or txt just so I'm not waiting outside looking for u all !! remember to head far left inside main gate and look for a short fat man in tlb hoody with bloodshot eyes looking hungover :beer: i will have ur wristbands

    for those camping the tlb camp is in the camping area half way along there is a golf club car park on the left ,half way down there on the right u will see the tab banner and a short fat man drinking :thumbsup: see u all tomoz/sat/sun :cheers:
    and if u see me on sunday well u will see:baggy:
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  12. I'll be there 1st thing on Saturday morning...I'll swing by say hi!

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  13. We're coming for the day on Saturday so will hopefully track you all down!
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  14. We're out the leftside doors
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  15. MorkC68

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    Make sure you all get plenty of photo's :D
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  16. Camp Tlb
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  17. Zed

    Zed Gradually getting grumpier

    Now's your chance to move that noisy genny. ;)
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  18. Goes off at11 Steve [​IMG]
  19. Looking good....slowly filling up
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