Volkswagen Bay Transporter Restoration Manual by Fletcher Gillett

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  1. Volkswagen Bay Transporter Restoration Manual by Fletcher Gillett.

    RRP is £30 but its available for under £20 if you shop around.;)
    Nicely written manual with hundreds of colour photos showing step by step how to repair our campers.
    Sections cover chassis and body, paintwork and mechanical too.
  2. And the author is a member on here:)
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  3. Yes he is. Fletcher was also at last years TE. shares the same surname as me too
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  5. Cheers! Glad it's of help to people:)
  6. dog


    Haven't finished reading it yet but what ive read so far is great!
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  7. I bought it after we finished all the bodywork etc on Gusbus :( sadly its now making me want to do Major (and damage my wallet even more)..Fletch your a bad man :lol:
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  8. Crack on then :D
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  9. Lol. I got a bit sick of vans for a while after doing the book, overload really. I'm starting to get the resto bug again, and my rusty old '71 panelvan is next;)
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  10. Don't forget to pop a thread in the resto section :D
  11. Poptop2

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    Have I got the only signed one Fletch?
  12. I signed one other Malc, just before Christmas, for someone with an LT!
    Discerning owners;)
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  13. Fletcher kindly came and gave me an estimate on some bodywork, bought his book last week
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