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Discussion in 'Van Accessories' started by aussie bay, Aug 28, 2013.

  1. My mrs bought me one for my birthday, finally got round to fitting it today and I am a little disappointed :(

    the tabs that go in the top of the door shut are too long and stop it fitting as well as it could
    the holes for the headlamps and indicators dont line up and obscure the lights, the holes are too far out.
    Also there is no lining on the inside to protect the paint

    I am going to email the pictures to them and see what they say

    4/10 :(
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  2. I have never had one but it looks like your van is too narrow :(
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    I think 3901Mick is right. Your vans the wrong size and your lights have been fitted in the wrong place. Ha! How silly do you feel now?
  4. God that's pants:eek:
  5. Looks a bit like a gmp mask!! :O
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  6. You need to stick something underneath the bra to use up some excess material. Perhaps a couple of footballs.
  7. Yes, they've sent you a female Bra, size "D" for your Male Van. That's all. Send them the pic's and a note! I'm sure they'll understand. LMAO Maybe add the foot balls as mentioned!.
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    I'd be asking for my money back, that's so sub-standard it's not even funny.
  9. oh dear, must have been a Fri afternoon job or the Sat lad did it
  10. Put the spare wheel on to take up the slack....no, but really,it dont look good.
  11. Did you manage to get it sorted Aussie Bay?
  12. i emailed them the pics and got got a very nice apologetic reply. they want me to return it so they can remake or replace it.
    annoyed that i will have to pay the postage costs!
  13. id say just send me another , you cant do anything with this one!! they shouldnt send out stuff like thato_O
  14. Tell them that they must pay cost or give you your money back tossers.
  15. I have seen these fitted on loads of buses and they do normally look very good.

    Hope you get a nicer one of them and a little something else to keep you happy.

    Defo a shoddy fit.
  16. it should have hole for vent too?
  17. It probably has, just below the bumper :(
  18. I had one last Christmas & mine fits spot on, they must have had a bad day. :(
  19. When it should be a 'Bra'...

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