Vliegenbos Camping Amsterdam

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  1. With Bus Stops right outside & only a 10 minute run to the City Center you can't go wrong.
    You can buy a transport ticket for Amsterdam for 12 euros for 48 hrs. You can travel by ferry, bus, train & tram.
    The campsite is very clean, tidy & has a friendly atmosphere. There is a little shop on site run by a husband & wife, they are friendly & helpful. All the staff are friendly actually & speak good English, like most of Holland.


    Meeuwenlaan 138
    1022 AM Amsterdam, Netherlands
    +31 20 636 8855
  2. Chris your daughters are stars letting you take all them pics of um , very funny too:D
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  3. Lol, they are right posers & love having their picture taken. The little one Alys tries to take her own pictures on the phone. :D
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  4. its in the breeding chris , bet photobucket cant wait :D
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  5. Lol, I don't think there's any room left on it :)
  6. Thanks for the compliment :)
    Our English education starts at the age of 10, and we are obliged to study English during our whole education.

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  7. I think @Paley spent a lot of time there in his younger days....
  8. ahh but what was he doing :lol:
  9. Nefarious things!!!

    It was '92 when I was last there - at the time it was only for non dutch people and you had to be 26 or under.
  10. Well he was supposed to be travelling the world....fundamental flaw in that plan was that he picked Amsterdam first and curiously managed to get no further....
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  11. I was a mere whipper snapper back then (at 24 years old)!
  12. There must have been some good sightseeing back in't day :lol:
  13. Us lot are very rude and the only foreign language we speak in these parts is English. :)

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