Visiting Manchester..?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by art b, Sep 4, 2019.

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  2. Surely a good guide would be @Lord Congi ... Although he's probably away on holiday....
  3. Ah - the Commonwealth Games Stadium - watched the 100m final in there in 2002
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    Cit eh, massives! ;)
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  5. Sorry away on second leg of Geordie's Euro tour
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  6. Go to Moss side and its tradition to walk down the street shouting Who want's a piece of me then!
  7. IMG_20190905_193245035.jpg
    Must be upt norf..
  8. IMG_20190906_132438794_HDR.jpg

    "In the city"...!
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    Wasn't that a song by Elvis Presley?
    My mistake, that was "In The Ghetto"
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    It was better than that old tosh

  11. IMG_20190906_123033212_HDR.jpg

    I'm assuming all those glass panels are held on with........glue...:thinking:
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  12. IMG_20190906_123810510_HDR.jpg

    One for the boat perverts...

    A fat narrow boat..:D
  13. IMG_20190906_123124803.jpg

    While we are gawping at tower blocks.....
    What does the large steel grill on the top,do...
    I'm assuming its aerodynamic..:confused:
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  14. Your thinking of Madness. They used the song for the pro mo for the Honda City.

    Just sayin’.
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  15. or a lightning conductor...?
  16. Visited the,
    People' History Museum..

    A great insight into the struggle for fair wages and working conditions, by trade societies..


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