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Discussion in 'Non Late Bay Classifieds' started by PeaSoup, May 27, 2019.

  1. Having sold our T2 our lovely 70's deck chairs that went perfectly with our T2 have to go as they don't go with our T5!

    There are 7 of them.

    5 are in the very sought-after 70s brown/jaffa flower pattern. One of these sadly has a broken arm rest (see photo) - I was thinking of bonding a metal strip on the underside to try and fix it but never got around to it - but the other 4 are all OK, with one in particular being in very good condition. They could all do with the frames having a bit of a buff up.

    The other two are from the early 80s I believe (were my parents!) and are in very good condition.

    Am looking for £60 for the 7 of them.

    Collection only from Kidlington, Oxford (OX5), with cash on collection please.

    IMG_3799 (Custom).JPG IMG_3800 (Custom).JPG IMG_3801 (Custom).JPG IMG_3802 (Custom).JPG IMG_3803 (Custom).JPG
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    Hi @PeaSoup would you split them? I like the flower ones but don’t want all of them. :) thanks
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  3. Ill take 2 of the flower power if you will split them!
  4. Yes he will split the flower ones

    £15 each

    Broken arm flower chair is free to anyone who buys 4 flower chairs
  5. Thanks Paul :)

    @Merlin Cat - have messaged you. And Tom will let you know once I’ve heard back.

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  6. Merlin Cat

    Merlin Cat Moderator

    Oi beaky!! This is an ongoing business something! :) x
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  9. You should be pleased I didn't add commission
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  10. @Tom cresswell - still have two flowery ones (plus broken arm one!) waiting here for you. Do you still want them? Could do with them gone as need the space. Thanks.
  11. Hi @PeaSoup Apols for extremely late response just got married and everything that comes with so not been on! Yes please what's the address I may be able to collect Thursday :)
  12. Are you going to Techenders this weekend or know anyone going who can get them for you to save a trip to Oxford?

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