FOR SALE Vintage Bickerton folding bike

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  1. The original folding bike

    All works and in fair condition
    Located in Leigh on Mendip south of Bath

    40CA4D04-A506-4745-9999-68DC9F877453.jpeg 967EACF0-48B1-4DA8-8754-46B2039F193A.jpeg DD0EF449-8903-4A88-87AE-6CDE9D4886CB.jpeg
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  2. Leigh on Mendip south of Bath , are you Royalty, you is well posh:thumbsup:
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  3. Probably just sounds it if your from somewhere like ..........................East Grinstead :)
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  4. East Grinstead is posh, we get out of the bath to pee
  5. Is that your helicopter?
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  6. He is Bond:thumbsup:
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  7. We peasants live on top of the hill looking down on the posh people.
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  8. Must be quite a collectable, seems a really good price too. Would go well with my vintage Moultons but I'm just about cured of that affliction now! I've not followed the vintage bicycle scene for a good few years now but there certainly was a time when your Bickerton would've attracted interest from the Japanese buyers. GLWS :thumbsup:.
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  9. are you sure you don’t want it, it would look great and complete your collection.

    will probably stick it on eBay next week but it’s so much hassle on there
  10. 10 years ago, maybe. The Moultons are somewhere buried in the parents garage, not seen the light of day for 6+ years but I still enjoy looking at photos of them occasionally :D.

    I'd have thought the Bickerton might appeal to someone here as they're quite light and really compact when folded away, ideal around the campsite?

    I had a quick look on eBay and as always, to get top money you really need to be offering postage. Prices are all over the place but they don't seem to be realizing what they were a decade ago.
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  11. I think I'll have it!! :)
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  12. Don't know how i will collect it though. @matty can you ride it to London for me please?
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  13. Just found the original manual

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  14. Nice! Will be coming to Cheltenham soon so will arrange pickup.
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  16. Merlin Cat

    Merlin Cat Moderator

    yay!! I hope you look as nerdy as me and @art b :)

    I’d be most surprised if you don’t ;)
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