Vinnie the 1976 dormobile solid rhd uk camper now sold Thank-You!!!

Discussion in 'Late Bay Classifieds' started by Jellytot, Oct 31, 2011.

  1. *****NOW SOLD THANK_YOU*****

    1976 AS type engine all original reliable same as a beetle :) new fuel lines this year and carb rebuild
    been sorn for a long time stored hence its solid state

    just been over 400 miles to devon and back and about for the final fling didnt miss a beat there and back
    2 sets of keys 2 to open all doors etc

    dormie roof appeared never to have been used as the stays werent fitted properly small teeny hole in canvas where it was just stored doesnt affect anything we didnt notice any issues with it otherwise ..... but all original ......few bits need replacing on the roof lights got small ones seals missing but its fine without them repainted totally inside it back to nice crisp white

    its complete and ready to camp with a massive retro awning which is strong and sturdy in wind

    would take a car or another bus to do up in px

    136000 miles
    new flywheel seal
    new engine bay foam plus a new spare as the fan ate some of it *giggles*

    very solid almost totally rust free now little surface bits and windows need doing nothing big

    tax and mot until march

    bespoke inside can come out and just have the full length rnr bed

    original bed

    black and white theme with customised dash etc

    lots of replaced bits n bobs
    dormie roof has one almost perfect solid bunk i have slept on and my 14 yr old!!

    loads of extras

    new cab carpets
    new winders on the windows
    jail bars
    mahoosive awning would be big for a party lol not flimsy modern crap very solid stands up in high winds
    can drive off and leave it

    westy built in coolbox not quite finished atm as i havent had the time but might be

    thermal new mats
    custom exterior

    custom handmade wheel cover

    tiagra green
    checker floor new last year

    lots of other bits im sure ive forgotten and some new spares ready to go on

    solar panel in roof with lights to it

    viewing mostly anytime and can email pics as i have loads

    its a head turner bus and wont find much anywhere more solid a base from the uk
    new sony stereo/cd/radio/mp3 with built in back speakers and retro front ones
    cup holders













  2. Could you please pop a location up, helps prospective buyers!!

    (Photos would help too please) :)
  3. hes in Basingstoke hampshire to view call 07544953206
  4. if youd like to view the bus call 07544953206 :)
  5. email.... for more piccies :)
  6. hi jellytot, i have just emailed you for more info, very interested in your bay :)
  7. replied :)
  8. If you sell it dont be a stranger hun
  9. i wont be ive just had enough of everything lately the ex has just ruined this year and i cant focus on things so ive just got to get rid of as much stuff as i can and start again maybe with a court hearing to rid him forever lol...mental abuse has to stop....if i have to get a warrant out!....ill be hoping to get a vw car :p i could make a cardboard cover for it in the shape of a bay and drive it round ;P
  10. rickyrooo1

    rickyrooo1 Hanging round like a bad smell

    question is, if you don't drive a bay anymore how are you going to be a real woman like your profile says?
  11. that would be rated 18 and over :p
  12. just a short term fix until the knob decides not to pay again. Keep the bay and sell the house. You can live in the bay, you can't drive a house.
  13. still for sale and needs to go in the next few weeks or christmas is cancelled!
  14. rickyrooo1

    rickyrooo1 Hanging round like a bad smell

    surely you'll get your price on e-bay?
  15. i put it on ebay and they took it off and wanted me to scan the log book in and send them...since when do they have law to police thieir sales unjustified and probably the ex reported it as a scam or something so got my 6 yr old ebay account banned until i prove that its mine....aint got time to mess about with those luxenbourg t :censored: ...really ...
  17. 7k last try here before it goes and sits on a roundabout with a for sale sign on :O this is really solid and a bargain!!!!!!!!!! genuine reason for sale !
  18. This looks like a real honest solid good bus to me. I'd snap it up if I was looking even if it might take a while to de-Jellytot it. :lol:
    Looks like someone will be happy.
  19. dean_butler

    dean_butler TLB Design Guru

  20. lol stickers are coming off tomorrow and the flowers inside ill paint back to black lol...meh need to sell it its killing me as it is having to part with it let alone lingering like this meh!...okay new pics with no flowers and un girliefied tomorrow

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