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  1. I've finally finished up my site.

    It's mostly about our travels in the VW, and all things related. We use it as a daily driver, a work horse, a show and parade vehicle, and most importantly as means of accommodation and transport to far away places every year.
    I needed a place to store all the photos and stories in one place, and this seemed like a better idea from just using fb. It could also make it easier to find sponsors (if we ever get there)


    I'm sorry that it's in Croatian, It was too much work for me to translate everything, but most photos include comments in English.

  2. Great work Sven, love the monkey pic :thumbsup:
  3. What a great idea. Lovely photos :thumbsup:
  4. Terrordales

    Terrordales Nightshift Admin

    I wish my Croatian was better than nonexistant ;)
    What a good idea though, well done Sven
  5. mate, did you design that website? its fantastic! you got some skills if so!
  6. Thanks! :hattip:

    @brucieboy: yes, i worked for 3 months on it, had to re-learn css and all that web stuff.
  7. We are heading your way in May this year. Those pictures of Istria and Dinara are stunning.
    In fact, all your images are stunning!
    Good luck with the sponsors, with images like those and the lifestyle they promote you should have no trouble....

    What camera do you use @Sven
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  8. That is fantastic! I've loved all of your trips that you've put up, you have such great trips and take amazing pictures :thumbsup:

    Can't wait to look through the site although what I've seen already looks brilliant :D
  9. @all Thanks! it's not the best time for companies here to give out sponsorships, but its worth a shot.

    If you are passing through Zagreb by chance, come and say hello. (we have great beer) :beer:

    I use a Pentax K200 with it's two kit lenses (i think this model is long discontinued now) I got it for its robust build quality - i break things easily.
  10. blooming marvelous Sven, I hope our roads cross one day somewhere, happy trails !


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