Viking Volks Fest - Northallerton - 23-25 Sept 2011

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  1. Ive been over that way tonight the winds blowing a little bitter but not too bad and sunset was about twenty to eight
  2. hey guys, been away for a couple of weeks so not sure what the plan is. Are we all still going in the dog field, or now some doggie owners are going without, will you all be over in t'other field. Alas we still have to bring our pooches so we will be over there!
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  4. Ill probably come see you all on the sunday now

    Im still full of the lergie and the eldest daughter seems to have come down with it as well this morning
    This along with the fact that the AA has taken money of me without telling me and its going to take 28 days to refund me im also very low on funds

    Have a great time folks
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    Heres the reply I got from steve one of the organisers

    Dogs are allowed but not in Bar or Childrens area thanks,
  8. cheers neale, looks like the page on the website might be from last year! we are aiming to be there for 3-4ish, so see you all there!
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    well if we all intend camping together then lets go to the 'dog field' if that's an option :thumbsup:
  10. if there is a doggie field then we will be there, we're in the Gypsy again so you can't miss us ::)
  11. Right we is all packed and ready for eldest finishing school and then we are off!!!!! O0
  12. Have fun everyone and take pics for meeeee (we'll be at Beetle Drive).
  14. Oh feck it

    Ill or not im coming the overdraught can take care of the finances after all this will be my last show of the year
  15. YES!!! Good man. Arthur is quite literally filled to the brim with a choice of booze so at least you won't need to spend any money on that!
  16. What time will everbody be arriving?
    The shows ony 30 mins from me but i dont want to pitch my tent till i know where were all camping
  17. We are meeting at ferrybridge at 5. so how long does it take to get to yours from ferrbridge? hour? hour half? should be 6 to 6.30 I reccon! ;D

    But dont listen to me Im crap with directions or anything like that. :-[ Spin me round 3 times and Im lost!! :eek:
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  19. If by beer you meen voddy then hell yes!!! ;) ;) O0

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