Viking,Super Viking or Spacemaker literature and information (Motorhome International)

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  1. U got any pics of ur Viking I've just bought one a couple of months ago
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  2. Anyone got any pictures of the interior poles of the canvas (that run the full length to give it shape) and how they fit and then hinge to the roof? I've fitted a new canvas but seem to be missing bits!
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  4. Hi, I got my interior fabric completely refurbished with new that was practically identical. I went to a professional seating upholstery company that specialised more in vintage armchairs etc. not car interiors. My Viking is up for sale on this forum if you want to check out the material .....
  5. My viking roof is slightly different but there are 2 full length bars, i only have a picture to hand of the hinged side but the awning side has a similar bar that slides out.
    Hope that helps.

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  6. If anyone needs a new roof canvas I had my super viking on made at Kingswood canvas in Bristol, top job made they do require the old mustard yellow one to make pattern of as they all variety.
  7. Thanks for these! I need a pic of the part where the pole that holds up the full length pole is attached to the roof (if that makes any sense at all!). I'm guessing its a hinge of some sort?
  8. Just taken some photos of the hinge area you'e looking for (I think!)

    Haven't got round to finding the photpbucket alternative, so pm me and I'll whizz them over via email

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  9. Just post it direct on here. Might need resizing.
  10. Thanks for this. Do you mind me asking how much they charged?
  11. Hi they charged me £180 for my Super Viking in grey with rain strip above door
  12. Did they fit the end vents for that too. Sounds pretty cheap really. Im interested.
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  15. Not my van but one they did on a type 25 same as mine type 2 mine is grey, if I get up unit I’ll try to get it out and put roof up .
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  16. Freaky man! I can see our lord jesus in the side window of that pic!

    Im sure that vans from Nottingham, indeed not far from me! If not its a bloomin ringer.

    Incidentally grey is good. Had my canvas made locally about 10 years ago. Its been ok but its too heavy a canvas i think and also it leaks on the seams if i dont proof it from time to time. Also i have no vents in the ends!
  17. The original one weighed a ton, before I replaced the gas struts I struggled to get it up
  18. Interesting. Do you think it was the factory one?

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