Very wet weekend in Wales

Discussion in 'Wales' started by CandyCamper, Jul 12, 2016.

  1. Spent last weekend mountain biking in North Wales.

    It was incredibly wet all weekend with Penmachno Loop 1 being a incredibly exhilarating ride through /in /on waterfalls....

    Followed by a cracking spin round Coed y Brennin forest.

    We stayed here

    Can honestly say it's a blooming awesome site, very friendly and seem to have thought of everything. Will definitely look to return in better weather.


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  2. T
    The best campsite in north wales in my opinion, Carols a great quirky lady. The sheperds hut up the hill is a good experience too.
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  3. It's pretty awesome, the last 300m up the hill gave our bus a bit of a surprise :eek:
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  4. gorgeous views to wake up to on a clear morning too!
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