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  1. Guess who has recently bought a copy of Richard walkers carp book:rolleyes:
    All I need now is one of his mark 4 rods @Gingerbus :rolleyes::rolleyes: my best mate
  2. Bit harsh I thought it was very interesting:thumbsup:
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  3. However, Dot Cotton smokes with her right hand.
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  4. And Lentils.
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  5. Maybe you can get it signed
  6. Was this followed up some saucy slippery sexual activity
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  7. These days Carp are so well fed all year round by anglers chucking in ground feed, boilies, spam, cheese, bread and they have grown to 50lbs plus and these monster carp are now Common ly caught. They don't seem to eat so much Grass these days.
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  8. Sorry Bazza I prefer his crisps to his carp.
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  9. You haven't got Fly Fishing by JR Hartley have you
  10. Upside down and wound backwards one presumes? It would be kinda tricky any other way... like if he stood with his back to the water for instance...

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  11. As mentioned Baz, happy to lend you one to try out!

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  12. jivedubbin

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    There are more interesting facts than you will ever need .just one or two good ones make you look intelligent.


    There more people caused by accidents than people that get run over by cars
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  13. there are more sheep in New Zealand than people
  14. 73% of statics are made up on the spot.
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    jivedubbin Moderator

    All sounds a bit fishy to me
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  16. I’ll bet he kicked himself for not keeping one for himself...
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  17. Right here's today's very interesting fact
    The banking around the Stamford bridge pitch was created from clay dug from the northern underground line, how's that one @crossy2112 ?
  18. Daren't look but showed it to this guy
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  19. Terrordales

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    It says 93% on google, so that must be correct.
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