Vege engine - good or bad?

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  1. Everyone i ever spoken to re veges who know their vws has said the older ones were good , but as with most new/recon engines etc luck of the draw these days , the throw away society we live in n greed is mostly to blame i fear .
  2. I'd think it's more to do with the fact that there's no money in old VW engines compared with modern Fords, etc...
  3. i think theirs loads of vw people who would happily pay good money for a good product .
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  4. I sure try to, which is why I spent £360 on some Koni dampers for my camper and not £100 on GSF ones I'm sure wouldn't last.
  5. A quick check that the snap ring is fitted properly and the builder would have realised his mistake
    I often wonder how many engines these places build a day and how much they pay the staff to assemble them

    Using fatigued parts is one thing but simple errors you dont expect when your paying your money
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    Good question? What oils should I use in my fab new engine? I usually use the halfords mineral 20/40 type. Should I change?
  7. Don't see why you should. That will be a decently thick oil and plenty good enough for 3000 miles. Change it regularly is the key especially in the running in period -
  8. Ask vege or who supplied your vege engine

    The last thing you want is them invalidating the warranty because you didnt use the reccomended oil

    I really do wish you the best of luck with this new engine dean:thumbsup:
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    Thank you everyone for your help and replies. Really appreciated. I have been on way back from Italy so sorry I have been a big quiet on replying.
  10. In view of some of the replies on this subject, would it be an acceptable idea for a seperate forum where folk who've had engine re-builds by their local "Fred in a shed" as opposed to the "knock em together & slam em out"
    brigade, can recomend them? I've got a couple near me, both within spitting distance of each other, one Audi trained, the other a custom builder.
  11. How's the new engine dean? Hope it's going strong!
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    Hey so far brilliantly. Done close to 2000 miles and no bad signs yet. Fingers crossed it's a good one that lasts
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  13. Sounds great. Hope it lasts 100,000.
  14. It would be interesting to know
    How it's going ?:)
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