Veewee fuel hoses dangerous?

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  1. don't use cheap hose and avoid tight bends which puts undue stress on the hose. the more flowing curves, the better. The cheaper the hose, the lesser resistance to the operating temperature of the rubber & the more prone to cracking it is.

    Obviously it was based on conversation rather than them seeing the layout of the hose runs.
  2. The issue here is that modern fuels have evolved to contain more ethanol and old hoses are not up to the job.

    Fit your T2 with modern rated hoses :thumbsup:
  3. Its true! Biggest load of dangerous rubbish I have ever bought
  4. I did ... that was a couple of years ago. Will have to check them as haven't done so for a little while.
  5. ZZ


    Thanks to all you guys I am reading all your posts .
    Yes I’m gonna change mine yearly as a matter of course.

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  6. I would check the rubber hoses more than once a year. Fortunately the places where it starts cracking are near the exhaust and the heat risers where you can see it.

    If its the ethanol in petrol then why do vacuum hoses made from that same braided hose also crack ?

    Its mostly a post 2008 shortage of good compounds to make rubber hoses for the after market due to a collapse of a large General Motors supplier when GM nearly went under.
    So very old hoses will probably be cracked after many years, but post '08 hoses fail much quicker...
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