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  1. Any one given this a listen?

    I had a go last night while I was fettling in the garage. Found the discussion a little strained but that was followed by an hour of back to back northern soul. Tiptop!
    Not too sure about the dance music programmed for the latter part of the week........just can't see myself raving anymore.

    When's the best time to listen?
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  2. Google vdub radio schedule [​IMG]

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  3. 8 till 9 on Tuesdays....my mate Scotty Science...Good listening!
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  4. I often listen especially on Sundays 11-12 as a friend is on then.
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  5. You know Jazzy too? Wouldn't miss his buggy bbq at Stoneleigh :)
  6. Scotty has a cracking record selection and a top bloke as well
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  7. Yep, I know Jazzy, thought you might through the buggy club.
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  8. Wassit have to do wiv vbubs?
  9. All songs played have the letters V and W in them

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  10. When is Gardeners Question Time on?
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  11. JamesLey

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    Snotty’s doing a special “things thrown over my fence this week” segment. Gripping stuff.

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