Vdub at the Pub - 21st -23rd June 2019 Wimborne Dorset

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  1. Anybody been to this in the past ?

    Anygood ?

    Thinking of giving it a go if I get van sorted in time

  2. Yes. It's a nice event. Always a good number of VWs and bands and stalls.
  3. Thanks , Website seems to show it being a family laid back vibe
  4. Yep. The kids enjoyed it. Bouncy castle and craft things for the kids to do. Dorset is very laid back and it's classic Dorset - all smiles and gentle fun.
  5. Day


    Agree...a nice few days with a good number of buses, chilled music (sat round on hay bales) good vendors with spares and stalls. Nice for families

    When we went we stayed till the last day and that evening g we finished a keg of beer for free.
  6. Just got Day tickets for Saturday , With some sort of show parking I think
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