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  1. 38B8B433-B29D-47AF-943D-C3A185CF69BD.jpeg Sold all my VW’s so selling parts I bought and never used. I accept pay pal but only as Freinds or family please to avoid fees

    New scat oil filler £20 plus 3 postage
    New CV boots £10 plus £3 postage
    New 55amp alternator £40 plus £6
    New alternator pulley £8 plus 3 postage
    New Standard 1600 clutch plate £15 plus £3 postage
    New steering damper £10 plus £3 postage
    Right and left top quality repair panels £10 for pair plus £3 postage
    Quick shift £5 plus £3 postage
    New top quality rear lights £25 for pair plus £5 postage
    New RHD headlamps £30 for pair plus £5 postage

    40838A4C-045F-4493-9F89-A47F5FB77B00.jpeg 498E9F78-3E31-46FC-A02B-1AA1727B85C5.jpeg 742C442A-B2DF-460A-B453-252647A997F1.jpeg 9FCFEB77-D81C-47C0-9B56-EA1A49ED13CE.jpeg 52549090-3087-4A37-BB0E-BA0076C16ADA.jpeg 21575028-B21F-479A-89A8-AE4B468C957D.jpeg 3C4AADB1-1FF8-44B2-9B19-2D0151C6CB27.jpeg 0DE41BCE-6D8D-4002-83D6-4C7D7E0E9AA2.jpeg 97FC5D09-DCB5-4674-907B-D85A7B2260BD.jpeg
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  2. New doghouse fan for twin port £25 plus 6 postage
    Rust free type 4 tin, £15 plus 5 postage

    387A31FB-4236-4DBA-94BD-6C0A5F9AE9FA.jpeg AF9F1915-F083-4602-9D4F-06DA636D35D2.jpeg
  3. Where you based dude
  4. I’m in north London, EN2
  5. Dubs

    Dubs Sponsor

    Il take the doghouse fanshround please mate.
  6. Adaptor plates £10 inc postage
  7. Fan shroud sold
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  8. I will take the steering dampener and the quick shift it still available?
  9. Great thanks, can do for 18 delivered
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  10. Clutch plate & cv boots please
  11. Great, please send PayPal to and gift

    please also send me your details

    I plan to get all this stuff out by the middle of this week
  12. Update, fan shroud, lights, alternator, clutch and CV joints, quick shift and steering damper all sold
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  13. 0A6ED3C2-1EC4-48C8-B092-1A3E73841FED.jpeg
    new top quality lense and bulb holder, £30 plus 4 postage
  14. CAEE59D4-F30C-4DFB-BE4E-E230863440CD.jpeg Original lense surrounds, £20 inc postage
  15. 43A3192C-8F28-488F-B932-1E2CAA31C20A.jpeg Late bay ignition barrel holder, £15 including postage
  16. F7F924C3-FEBF-40E7-8C2F-70D5EA48C9BA.jpeg Late bay front cut, £20 including postage
  17. C8475DA4-829E-4ED5-B744-D8EDCF5A5163.jpeg
    bentley manual, paper back, £25 including postage
  18. I’m open to sensible offers on remaining items

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