WANTED Various glass, instrument/dash parts, bumper etc

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  1. Ok, so I've only gone out today and bought another bay! (no3 at present!)

    And I'm in need of...


    N/S front 1/4 glass including frame. ✔️
    O/S front 1/4 glass including frame. ✔️

    RHD Sliding door glass & good seal.

    Tailgate glass & good seal. ✔️

    Front door seals - All seals including the chrome scraper seals and main door seal for both sides.

    Dash parts

    RHD instrument cluster, complete gauge set (speedo/fuel gauge) and surround etc ✔️

    Glove box lid ✔️
    Heater vents ✔️
    Ash tray ✔️
    Hazard switch ✔️

    Heater levers (just knobs not complete assembly)

    Steering wheel ✔️


    Rear bumper and mounts (late bay).

    Wing mirrors - truck mirrors. ✔️
    Engine lid handle/lock


    Engine oil bath ✔️
    Tidy door cards plus door furniture (pulls/winders etc)

    There'll be more to come once I get a good look and I'm in no rush for any bits.
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  2. pm sent.
  3. I have slider glass plus brand new seal !
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  4. Got a pair of wing mirrors, the plastic around the glass ain't great and the chrome is pitted but they are perfectly usable
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  5. If possible pm me some locations, photos and prices guys please.
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  7. Bus is getting delivered Thursday morning so hopfully I'll know better exactly whats required.

    Where about are you? obviously difficult to post glass.

    Can you pm me some photos please.

    Cheers dude, dont need the main cab glass just the quarter lights.

    Are you Dan over in Lee Murrays place by any chance?
  8. Isle of Wight, going to Congleton ish tomorrow, wont have much spare time though as got a ferry to catch :)
  9. Who's Dan? Who's Lee Murray and what's his place? :confused:
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  10. Lol, that'll be a no then!
  11. Bus lands tomorrow so I'll know better exactly what's needed and hopefully no surprises!

    Buying a bay blind may not be the smartest move :confused:
  12. Ah there it is, many hours spent on that....
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  13. I'm thinking the mirrors are going to have to be truck mirrors,
  14. Baysearcher

    Baysearcher [secret moderator]

    I've got a middle rear window with opening 1/4 in the garage if you're interested. Taken out of my slider.
    In Bristol.
  15. Sorted now with the sliding door glass cheers though!
  16. Hup!
  17. Updated.

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