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  1. One fleet of approx 105 aircraft of varying size / capacity.

    All are painted in a unique livery but will require a respray at some point soon.

    Full Service History available along with a spares supply.

    Location: Worldwide.

    The new owner will be responsible for recovery back the the UK.



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    Oowww much
  3. I give you special price :D
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  4. What oil do they use ?
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  5. Wonder who booked his holiday via Thomas cook last weekend ????
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  6. We booked a skiing holiday for January with Iglu Ski, who acted as an agent for Inghams, who used Thomas Cook for the flights! We had no clue. They're currently looking for alternative flights. Luckily we've only paid a deposit.
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  8. That's why I've been holding off booking my next ski trip it's a lotto what flights your on. Good luck
  9. fingers crossed you get sorted Mark :(
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  11. Has @Terrordales got enough palettes to hide one of these behind?
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  12. Yes I do believe he has :thumbsup:
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  13. Hmm......[​IMG]

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  14. I feel for Freddy laker :(
  15. You do realise that your post is open for abuse and editing by one of the "less mature" members on here don't you?
    Obviously that's not the sort of thing I would do!!!:rolleyes:
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  16. I can say my post has ever been abused but my post lady is welcome :)
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    Now why would I need pallets to hide things behind? :rolleyes::oops:
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  18. Like this you mean:rolleyes:
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  19. Anyone got a quad bike for sale:rolleyes:
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    Shut up Haynes !!

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