Van shuddering and shaking when pulling away

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  1. Just recently my van has started shuddering quite a lot when I pull off, then when I change to second the same but not quite as violent. This only happens for the first five mins or so of the journey .

    We have not done anything or drive it differently than usual apart from we had it serviced at the beginning of February, but it drove really well after that, the clutch feels the same not loose or tight, timing is fine.

    I don't want it to continue as I am afraid all the rusty parts will fall off and that is what is holding the van together.

    Has anyone got any suggestions as what it might be and how to fix it.

    Thanks in advance
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    oil on the clutch plate or loose driveshafts etc is what i would check 1st
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    I get that in my car occasionally when I take someone on their first driving lesson, it just means you can't drive yet. A few more lessons and you'll be fine. :)
  4. does sound like clutch judder. you'll probably have a leak thats running down the flywheel. the clutch plate slips on the oily bits and then grabs at the dry sections. unfortunatley i dont think there's a drain hole at the bottom of the bell housing someone will confirm hopefuly (there is on landrovers). anyhoo's if there is a drain hole then the leak will show it'self there as a little drip/dribble when you park up.
  5. Check cables tight and the last bit of outer is secure and that the outer flexible is in a slight S shape
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  6. Also can be a symptom of the little O ring at the end of the crank shaft inside the flywheel giving up.

    If the oil contamination on the clutch is only slight and you stop the oil leaks it can be worn away again by driving with careful clutch slipping technique.

    This happened on my bus when I fixed the crankshaft seals and blocked the crack in the oilway in the block under the oil cooler that sprayed oil over the front of the engine.
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  7. May be that your clutch cable conduit has come adrift.
  8. PIE


    There is an exact bend dimension in the manual for the bowden tube, without that angle it will judder.
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  9. I like this theory. :thumbsup:
  10. Maybe your engine and bell end are only joined by one bolt, and one of your engine hangers is (un)connected to an exceedingly rusty part of chassis rail and all your cv boots contain wet sand instead of grease?
    I didn't find this combination of events on my van whilst restoring it, previously having had severe judder upon taking up drive.
  11. Hello pie,
    How can the bend in the Bowden tube be altered? is this a common problem? i have found diagrams in the Haynes manual if it is different I will get it changed but I don't want it to happen again
  12. Zed/steve are you thinking this is a likely culprit. I will systematically go through all of the theories above tomorrow ticking them off. If it is the seal I take it I will have to split the case, forgot to mention type 1 engine.
    How bad could it be to drive the van with this problem bearing in mind it seems to sort itself out after 5 mins.
  13. From memory theres a clamp which is moved slightly to change the bend - once you see what the manual shows against the box, its relatively easy - we did it okay :)
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  14. I don't know what your problem is. :) But a light oiling on the clutch which burns off after a few uses sounded sensible to me.
  15. When it's the not bendy enough outer cable or loose conduit tube through the chassis it makes the clutch pedal too sensitive. As you lift the pedal and the van begins to move the g forces change the pressure applied to the pedal by the foot If too sensitive this is transferred to the pressure plate and a feedback loop is set in motion. This results in the hounds of hell being released in the engine bay and the devil himself trying to escape from the gearbox. Resulting in a banging, kangarooing almost self destructing drive train. (I drove like this for a long time before finding the conduit was loose) If it goes away completely after a bit of driving I would guess at oil contamination.

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