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Discussion in 'Van Accessories' started by AcePassengerExtraordinair, Aug 12, 2014.

  1. My husband is having his camper van pimped (sprayed and stuff) and I’d like to get some kind of van cleaning/spoiling kit to celebrate it (eventually) coming home again. (Don't tell him, the official story is that I loathe it and put up with it in return for stuff I want)
    Any tips? Currently we have buckets, sponges and Turtle Wax :)
  2. Can't go wrong with an autoglym kit or a selection of stuff from Meguiars. Oh and people I'm sure more will tell you, especially with new paintwork , don't use polish use wax! I'm sure a million other tips will flood in too, and good news with the bus.
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  3. Autoglym is great stuff and Halfrauds are always doing 3 for 2 offers on cleaning stuff. One of my customers is a valeter and recommended the Gtechniq stuff. its expensive but I recommend the glass nano polish for the windscreen, the water just runs off and it doesn't smear.
    Looking forward to seeing the pictures of your clean van
  4. Don't listen to these people, fairey liquid is your friend and it lasts ages and ages and ages
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  5. I only allow women into my life for sex, cooking and cleaning.

    If only my bus could do the last 2 as well I'd be happy
  6. what you mean you haven't tried the First one?

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