V-Dub Island 2015 - 23rd to 27th July Isle of Wight

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  1. Went to this last year very disappointing :(
  2. how come, would be good to hear feedback? I've not been before but since I happened to be on the island anyway, thought it was worth a visit.
  3. Worth a visit if you're already there but I wouldn't go there just for it, we were all crammed in like sardines, heavy handed security staff, couldn't take any food/drink into the arena/marquee, hardly any stands worth talking about, police arresting campers for smoking dope :(

    check out this place http://stoats-farm.co.uk/about-us/ a good hearty walk to the needles and a lovely pub with a beer garden right next door
  4. We went 2 years ago we left after 2 days and went off round the island for a week just did not gel with the show

    To be honest though I am a grumpy git and have given up on vw shows they are not the chilled out shows they use to be its all T5s playing their own music and a excuse to get loud and yellow snowed
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  5. Damn that looked perfect date wise as we are meant to be on the Island for a party on Sat 18th July, the dates you have posted up are for the 'carry on camping' bit.

    The actual 'festival' is 23rd-27th July, which i'll struggle to do.

    @VWT2GEL doesn't give the festival a very positiive review, so i'll probably give the pre camp a miss as well

    Another vote for Stoats farm camp site, may well head back there
  6. I went to V-Dub Island last year and pretty much enjoyed it. This year its at a new site / venue.

    The strange thing for me at any of these events is the 'Drive out' - this basically leaves the event empty for most of one of the days. This cannot be good for the traders. Not sure why organisers think its a good idea??
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  8. Merlin Cat

    Merlin Cat Moderator

    I was looking at going to this last year but then couldn't make it. It looked v good on paper so interesting to hear otherwise as I was thinking about it this year.

    I shall see if you can do day visit as I may just take the camper but stay at my friends on the island. Maybe I could tag on the end of the drive out :)

    A quick plug for my friends place if anyone is near wootton. They have a dairy farm with a lovely shop and cafe (and B&B) briddlesford lodge farm :)

  9. Dude
    anybody can join in as this takes part on the open roads

  10. Merlin Cat

    Merlin Cat Moderator

    Hi Stuart,

    I don't know but I can't see how they could stop someone tagging on the end in a VW. I reckon they'd want as many as poss to make a visual. :)

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