Usb waterproof endoscope mini camera fleabay!

Discussion in 'Tools' started by Stan, Jul 21, 2015.

  1. Not strictly for vans I got it to help investigate a leaking drain pipe for the house but its pretty good for nosing in and behind those rusty box sections maybe even petrol tanks without having to remove entire engines and firewalls to check your petrol pipes! I know engine repair places use these things to look down your spark plug holes to check barrels and pistons etc.
    It was £14 fleabay, cheaper if you can wait for that slow boat from China to deliver?
    [​IMG] You can get different lengths of cable mine is 10m.
    Standard USB plug at other end with a dimmer switch (bit fiddly I have to say) so you can adjust the brightness level of the LED's that are inside the camera case! Neat solution and cheaper than hiring such a thing from Machine mart!
    You get some chinese software that lets you capture stills or video of your stuff. Its in colour and not bad quality for the price and size I have to say. Impressed.
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