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  1. Fitting a few of these to keep the modern generation gizmos fully charged.

    new wiring run to leisure battery, but they have a switch to turn on and off which I thought was use full.

    £7 ish from amazon and are prewired with about 1m of flex.

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  2. I think you can do better than that...

    I’ve just fitted a couple of these to a friends van, switchable, 2x 3.A 18w outputs for quick charging, and a built in volt gauge.

    More expensive, but a lot more functional.

    [Upgrade] Dual Quick Charge 3.0 Car Charger Socket with Touch Switch and LED Voltmeter, 12V/24V 36W USB Charger Waterproof Power Socket Adapter for Marine, Boat, Motorcycle, Truck, Golf Cart
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  3. Definitely go for the 3A USB sockets as they'll charge more quickly. I've an additional USB socket which is wired to work only when the engine is running.
  4. Hi Kruger, yes I saw those, I wasn't looking for voltage displays etc, just a single USB outlet with a switch to ensure no parasitic loads left on.
    Hi Mike, I'm happy with the lower current charging, we don't need fast charging in our life, try to slow the pace down :)

    2 in the back are off the leisure battery, and 1 in the front off the ignition switch.
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  5. i just went for this nifty little Chinese wonder.
    the leisure wiring is non existent in my bus so will solve a world of issues with the lighting, sink pump and a 12v outlet for other car based gadgets.
    comes fused and ready as i understand it. 19 squids.

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  6. You've got a macerator in your van :eek:?
  7. You haven't? I find it can't be run at the same time as the whirlpool bath, not on 120 Amp Leisure battery anyway. ;)
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  8. NO. Of course not. i will use that switch to flip the villans apprentice seat into the shark tank as required.

    good spot though. who knew there was even a 12v macerator market.
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  9. Better than bucket of poo :thumbsup:!
  10. Just need the tow ball mounted muck spreader attachment for an eco friendly alternative to emptying the toilet!
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  11. Mine goes into the underslung digestion tank where the gas is used to power the bus and the dried residue makes for a tasty breakfast cereal.
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