Upper Booth Farm campsite

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  1. http://www.upperboothcamping.co.uk/camping.aspx

    We've just had a weekend here with 3 other couples. Lovely campsite - breath-taking views (although they were hidden by cloud/mist yesterday when we had a very drizzly day).

    It's on a slope, so chocks are needed, and probably best to stay near the top because it looked to be a bit slippery for the cars down the bottom of the field. Facilities are very modern and clean - 2 loos and 2 showers in the ladies, presumably similar in the gents. Covered washing up area. Lots of hot water. There's nothing on the doorstep except stunning scenery - walks/bike rides or whatever your 'thing' is. After a slow start yesterday morning (someone drank too much the night before :oops:) we went along a <2 mile footpath into Edale where there a some pubs and a small Post Office/stores.

    We got into a little bit of bother at 9pm because of loud music (it's supposed to be quiet after 10.30) which we were a bit miffed about, but after turning it down, we realised you could still hear it at the bottom of the site, so fair enough (though it would have been better if the person complaining had just come and had a word, rather than getting the owner involved. I don't think I'm barred from the site though ...

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    looks lovely Jess :)

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