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  1. Hi all what % difference is there in 4th gear between a 3 rib and 6 rib box as I only have the 3 rib box I,m putting 195.75.16 tyres on my bus which means a 7% increase does this come anywhere near the % difference between both boxes
    Thx tony
  2. About 8%, so not far off. Bigger rolling diameter will screw with your speedo reading though.
  3. but only if fitted on the front

    i run 225/75/15 's on the rear of my camper so just a bit larger than yours

    they do help with drop the revs but at the expense of going up hill , you do really need a bit of extra power to make up for this

    but low 30's to the gallon make up for this
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  4. Thx any pics of your bus with this set up please
  5. [​IMG]


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