Tyre recommendations?

Discussion in 'Product Reviews' started by Ged Richardson, Jun 24, 2018.

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    They look expensive. So long as you go for the proper load rating you should be looking at about 50/60 a corner :thumbsup:
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  3. I should stick to: 185-80-14 ?
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    I chose Michelin Agilis, no problems at all.
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    If it's down to price. I have fitted landsail tyres to the T4 ( 205 65 R 15 ) . A couple of years ago I wouldn't have, but speaking to some mates that fit tyres last year , they told me landsail have had to up their game as they were getting such bad press, and actually do now make a very good budget tyre. Well, I have done 8k on the front ones and not been disappointed, or can honestly say they are either wearing prematurely, too noisy or have bad grip. I put two on the back 2k ago and they seem fine too.

    I paid £120 fitted for the front and then while I was away paid a little more for the back in Caernarfon recently ( £142) they seem fine too.

    Yesterday I put two on the back of the bay 185 14's - £100 fitted all inc!

    PS, Check the manufacture date. anything before 2017, say no, order me some new ones please. They are all over ebay ( cheap ) with old dates on them, but they are crud.

    Does anyone else know how cheap tyres really are. The fitting company can usually buy most car tyres in bulk for under £25. £5 for budget tyres. I did some delivery work for a local distribution company once and found that out.
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    As per my post the correct size was 185 14 I think it works out as 185 82 14

    going away from this will affect the speedo and gearing but not sure by how much there are some online calculators that will work it out for you.
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  9. Thanks for your help Matty - i think i'll stick with 185 80 14 then!
  10. Meltman

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    I went for Evergreen 185R14C, I forget exactly but 50-60 each. I've had them on my Honda Civic 225/45/17 and got 40k out of them.
  11. The Hankooks I put on mine are worlds better than the 175/14 tires the van had on when I got it. Came in at a decent price too

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