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  1. I live on a wide, straight and very busy road.
    Today whilst waiting to join the flow of traffic I caught sight of what looked like a very good condition split about 300 yards in the distance . Thought I would wait till it approached me before I pulled out and get a good look at it .
    It pulled up to the side if the road in the distance , some cars pulled up behind whilst others over took it .
    It set off again after a minute or so followed by the patient vehicles that had pulled up behind it but again after about 100 yards the split pulled up again so did several cars behind it .Again it set off after a minute or so then again stopped directly opisite me as did the other vehicles . I could see the split driver was getting frustrated with the van and having some mechanical problems . I then noticed all the cars that had stopped were all black . It was only then I noticed a coffin in the rear of what was a fantastic split screen van .It was of course a funeral procession . I didn't dare get my phone out and show such disrespect but I imagined the deceased was pleased as punch the the van was true to form and making the last journey somewhat eventful .
    It brought a smile to my face. What a way to go on your last journey.
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  2. :D

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