Type 4 top end rebuild as smoking it’s nuts off when abroad last year

Discussion in 'Mech Tech' started by 1973daisey, Feb 1, 2019.

  1. Finally got a little unit with electric and lights and water to work on daisy !!
    So stripped the engine after a few small tests I checked all the plugs and no4 looks to be the problem child as there is a lot of burnt on oil and was black !
    Allso did compression test was pretty good conciddering I payed £995 from elite Vw 5 years ago and it’s done 42,000 hard miles !
    1 head was replaced at the start (issue is the other side !) they did send me a new head up to replace the issue and it sounds to me like valve guide wear or damage but nearly ready to drop it and strip it next week !! This is the results and some pics to keep u up to date and maybe of use to some folk and allso ... I’m no professional so I may miss summin !! I learn as I go !!
    This is the new unit (just happens to be a 71 bay next door being restored as he does body work from there and painting)
    Got a full set of skaters so can work on it and move it around when engine out as it’s only small place but does me [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
    Gotta oil pans coming and it’s ready for the engine stand
    Allso my brother in law is a fire systems engineer so this is going to be sorted I think he says it will still go off but want it sorted !! It’s fire etc 4 years old !

    Plan is new seals full top end carb refurb as rebuild sets like £22 each bed leads could cap and good split charge kit and little chassis notch as it’s going “down down “ my choice allways wanted to do it and hopefully foosh wheels maybe want a little change !!! Will post more updates as and when I do stuff as unit is 5 miles away but have my kids a lot since marriage broke up but new girlfriend has 2 kids and r very keen to adventure!!!!!

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  2. What carb rebuild kit do you need? Have you got already?
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  3. Ict service kit mate no not got it yet or engine seal kit just waiting till it’s all stripped and see if anything else needs doing

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  4. When you build back up Si ..get them flaps bar and stat on ...look forward to watching the thread :thumbsup:
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  5. Tom Wilson’s book tells you what measurements to take from the valves to determine stem wear & valve guide wear.

    Check the valve seat for recession too.

    It wouldn’t surprise me if the piston rings have gone on the suspect cylinder.
  6. I was gonna re ring it all for the price of it and change the head as have one then x2 new heads in there mate

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  7. Thought about this other day it’s gonna cost me loads so get every little piece ect and it’s ran sweet as a nut for 42k so not that worried about them if I see a cheap seat up I may fit them

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  8. What do you call cheap ? I have a set of flaps and new fan shroud bushes .
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  9. All the little bits plastic clips rollers cables stat ect it’s over heated once and I know there supposed to be there but I’m really not worried it overheated in 46’c not to worried about them

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  10. I think the curved one that is the oil cooler side actually directs the air in the right direction to aid cooling mate, not just to aid warm up.
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  11. Sorted!
    If you can get the bigger valve heads even better, every little bit helps :)
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  12. Try mega bug ...got all of mine off there ..Bar , flaps , cable is F a ...you allso need two of those plastic clips for the bar to seat in neatly on the fan shroud , and cable wheel and fixing on side of block .
    Stat can come dear , but they come up now and again on here or ebay .
    I must have seen 5 sets at Skegvagus for not much .

    If i see any cheap i will let you know . The stat i have on mine was off vwheritage but opens up a bit earlier than it should for my 2 litre ...i might pod out for a later opening one poss from the states . I suppose there is a lot more friction wear on a cold engine as they never warm up .

    Mine was exempt of all the cooling warming tackle and running down to Cornwall ...it was hot, as in slow down or stop ....but now never overheats even last summers h/wave .

    What about Davidtoft ?
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  13. I’ll look mate but chances of getting all the little plastic inverts and springs now and rollers I want them but as I say not to worries

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  14. Cable is £6 new
    I have springs ,flaps ,bar
    New plastic inserts for the bar ( 3D printed )
    Cable clamp
    Bar clamps
    Converted 1600 thermostat
    Thermostat bracket
    Possibly cable wheel and bolt
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  15. Pleas pm me what u got ect buddy cheers again mate

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  16. Ive got pulley and bolt :)
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  17. I might have flaps you can have. Will check. If you want em.

    Tbh I think you shouldn’t bother with the whole setup but if the flaps help direct air then maybe just put those in. The rest cable, stat etc. you can add later.
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  18. Trouble is it will never warm up quick enough with out the stat because the flap is permanently blowing cold air to the cooler ...winter time, if you are all year user will take ages .
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  19. while i have no idea what the noisy cupboard things are you're doing, i'll be keeping an eye on this thread too...
    good to see you and the old crazy zest back, buggerlugs x
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  20. Great news about the workshop Si watching thread with interest

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