Type 4 fuel pump

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  1. Gave up on ours and went electric but left pump on. Noticed oil drips out of drain pipe so going to swap for a plate instead but can I do it without draining oil first?
  2. Yes, but would advise just jacking up that side .
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  3. which electric pump have you fitted?
  4. Yes, you just loose a few drops of oil, it's a sod to get the old pump out tho from underneath. The previous owner had used star headed bolts on mine, dunno if that made removal easier, or not.

    I got a block off plate from boatyard busses :thumbsup:
  5. Generic low pressure one.. bit noisy but put a bit of foam under and it's ok.. at least you know it's working can't hear over engine noise anyway

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  6. Yes just finding this out! Star bolt appears to be what's on can't get to top bolt behind air duct.. can't get to duct without moving starter...... might take top of pump off see if that helps...

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  7. A long extension bar and Houdini like contortions worked for me :)
  8. You should be able to loosen the air duct enough to get at the top star bolt with a long socket extension.

    Try not to take take the top screws entirely out of the duct or you’ll have a fiddly time getting it back together. If you do it’ll probably need two people to refit it but if you fit longer screws it’ll be easier next time.

    You don’t need to remove the starter.
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  9. That's right, think I did loosen the small air duct, just enough to move it aside.

    Pig of a job!
  10. Cheers... I won![​IMG]

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  11. This one...[​IMG]

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