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  1. Hi
    You would not believe but every time I pull the engine I keep forgetting which ones the inlet/outlet on the pump..even this time was about to take the pic before I pulled the engine but yeah forgot so..does anyone know or hav3 a pic how it is supose to be connected? I found one pic on the samba but it does not seem right to me..this is my pic
    And this ones stolen from thesamba..is that correct way?
    Dont know why but I have some doubts..


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  2. Not sure whether this helps as its an after market pump!
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  3. If you look here carefully you'll see there's a V shaped arrow head indicating the flow direction on the left hand (upper) pipe. The flow comes in this way from the tank (via the fuel filter). IMG_6054 (600x800).jpg
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  4. Very helpfull thanks

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  5. Pierburg who made decent oe pumps for vw are still trading. If enough people ask they might make them again, or at least repair kits.
    Never buy any of the new mechanical pumps, they may literally last 10 minutes.
  6. Is that yours?
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