WANTED Type 4 crank shims

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  1. Coming to the end of my type 4, 2Ltr engine rebuild and I find shims to set the end float are not in stock anywhere. To achieve middle of the range 0.10 I need a total of 0.98, I have two new 0.30 so need a 0.38 or two 0.34s. The old shims were two 0.30s and a 0.34 but I'd rather not reuse them are abit damaged. Thanks for any help.
  2. @Ulysses

    Can you wait to tomorrow night, I may have some shims in my bin of parts left over from Gusbus motor. I’m sure I have some in a packet ( or did have some).
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  3. Thanks 77 Westy, I've emailed them.
  4. Thanks MorkC68 I've been rebuilding this engine for over a year now so I can easily wait a bit longer.
  5. Cool, I’ll let you know ASAP
  6. 77Westy CSP won't ship to the UK,
    Shipping to UK and Northern Ireland

    Due to the new import and tax regulations there is a minimum order value of 200 Euro. Sorry for the inconvenience caused by the new UK import and tax regulations.
    They'll ship anywhere else in the world though so I think they're playing silly beggers.
  7. I have a lot of them on eBay.
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  8. if you would like to ship them to me in Australia i would be happy to forward them to the UK if that helps
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  9. If you're Luxtkat on eBay I've just bought them, Thanks
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  10. Thanks I really appreciate your offer, I think I should be sorted now.
  11. Thanks MorkC68 I should be sorted now bought some from Paul L
  12. :lol: that's a bugger, I dug them out this morning & they are two 0.38's and a flywheel shim (all new) which you could have had for the cost of postage as I'll not need them!
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  13. Glad your sorted.:thumbsup: I thought CSP might not ship to the UK, and there are many UK suppliers that won’t ship to Europe - we all lose.
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  14. Paul, out of interest what description are they under? I couldn’t find any when I had a look.
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  16. When I was searching for some they had various names e.g. "flywheel shim" "thrust washer". They can also be listed under engine capacity "1700", "1800", "2000" and also "WBX"

    I had best results searching for "vw flywheel shim thrust" plus the thickness "0.34". Ignore any part numbers beginning 113 as they are type 1 shims

    Edit: there don't seem to be many about btw
  17. I thought I’d tried most likely descriptions but I missed ‘thrust washer’. The last ones I bought were from CSP and there seems to be stock in other suppliers in Europe.

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