FOR SALE Two Velosolex's

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  1. On behalf of someone else... I would suggest a price of £600 but i'm sure Miles is open to offers and you should certainly give him a call

    I have two old Velosolexes. One of them passed its m.o.t. over a year ago and is now soon. The other one came to me some years ago having then passed its m.o.t. I am now in my late seventies and no longer need them. They have been kept whilst in my possession in a dry shed.

    If you would be interested you could perhaps come to my place and have a really good look at them and decide whether you would like to buy them off me? I think one could be up and running and ok with no work (I rode it about last June) but I am no expert. The other hasn’t been ridden for a long time.

    Please reply to and we can fix a date and a time. I am not massively interested in the money but it seems a shame not to find a good home for them. Miles Tisdall

    The Solexes are located at Woodmancote, near Emsworth, West Sussex, PO10 8RD.

    Miles can also be contacted on 01243 371468. Please leave a message if no reply.
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  3. Hi Ray - wouldn’t have had you down as being in your late 70s - late 60s maybe. Looking good on it though fella.
  4. I can probably shift both of these for you - I run a charity moped day for the construction industry up here in Manchester. Have a few people looking for a bike for this year

    Could I have first dibs please

    Where are you Razzy?
    Edit - sorry got all excited and didn’t read on
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  5. davidoft

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  6. I should have come and said hello then... went and took a look on Saturday.
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  7. If you can help miles that would be appreciated.
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  8. Emailing him now.
    My bro might be down that way soon with work, so he could possibly pick them up.

  9. I think your better off calling, he’s quite old.
  10. I just spoke to Miles and these have now sold
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