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  1. So we have been to two local festivals first one being Alive and VDubbin , we actually pretty awesome, disabled parking and assistance was brilliant , lots of stands , lots of variety , a few more food stands would not go a miss but all round good one changed my opinion of previous years....loads of kidlets stuff for young ones and laid out so its not a worry to let's older ones go wandering , loads and loads of dubs , broke my previous reservations despite, kick being tent bound most the weekend as I'll

    Dubs at the Hall -well it was a bit hit and miss wether we were going to go ....I still must say I preferred the set up of a few years back but the hall were not happy. Not being able to have dogs, again not the DATHs lots fault makes a difference for many ... Up points great music, although family camping was quiet a way it was peaceful , lots of toilets , Loads of food places ....bad points no disabled camping, a friend of ours had trouble getting in due to sercurity not having much of a clue, but the DATH crew sorted it and gave gifts to make up for it, which was awesome of them
    . Sadly not that many dub stalls, loads of hippy clothing at quiet high prices ...loads of stuff for younger children but not really anything for the older ones , would I go again yes, it's it worth 70 quid hell yes. A few idiots but not as many as previous years :)

    Three more shows to go this year
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