twin slider appreciation thread

Discussion in 'Show Us Your Ride' started by hailfrank, Aug 23, 2011.

  1. Anyone seen my old one...VUY 199M?
  2. Wish i still had it.1700 engine and van sprayed Blue bottom half and burnt jaffa top.
  3. i know its an early and most of you have seen it before
    but heres my twin slider

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  4. Went to look at a bus last Wednesday and on initial (and only) inspection (in the dark) I thought hmmm sliding door is on the wrong side... must have converted it from LHD to RHD.. then when wandering around the other side of the bus... another sliding door :)

    Hardly had any time to play with it yet/ take any pics as bought it on a whim like you do when you already own 2 buses and a spitfire...

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  5. Here's my twin slider :)
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  6. I like them! Great looks, each of them.
  7. that's gorgeous! can i ask how you've lowered yours? really like the way that sits!

    also can I be cheeks and ask where and for how much too? its a very popular topic I know lol

  8. Dazza

    Dazza Eyebrow not high brow

  9. that looks custom that mate, have you spoken to any interior fitters or experienced joiners who may be able to help? whats your budget for it as @sjhjoinery is very good and may be able to guide you in the right direction?
  10. Here's my twinslider, it's taken just over 2 years to get to this stage but it's finally in paint

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  11. Here's a couple of up to date photos of my twinslider now it's on the road :)

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  12. didn't know they did twin slider bays .cool
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  13. Here's my twin slider. It's a 1970 ex-Swiss Army radio van, with working sirens and blue light. I've had it two years now, but I've owned a 1979 Viking (single slider) for sixteen years. The '79 hasn't moved for six years and I'm going to start a restoration soon. I'm hoping for a bit of help and advice as I go along...

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  14. Nice
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  15. Nice
  16. Nice

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