Tw12 classics on the green. 18th July

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  1. Ummmm, Hampton Green looking, how shall can I say this gently, let's just say that a rural idyll it is not :cool:
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  2. Bloody satnav ...

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  3. Sadly I don't think I can make it as I have started sorting some rust and now find I need to remove the engine before Monday morning (prior to placing parts order), yes I know it's only four bolts but I'm not very quick, sink one for me:)
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  4. Enjoy the show

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  5. Have a great day @CollyP, post us some photos, please :)
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  7. I’m here on the green , it’s it’s probably the wrong one

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  8. There is a big queue to get in. Looks like a bag check too. Weird. Usually just walk on.
  9. Railway Bell is closed, so we (@mcswiggs) went to the other pub (World's End) down the road. Lovely Alfa in the show.
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  10. You still there?
  11. I’m just in the queue to get in
  12. Looking forward to the photos

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  13. Just getting ice cream and then off to join you in the pub
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  14. Sorry guys, left the pub before I saw these messages.

    I didn't brake any Alfa was the best car on show for me.
  15. No bag check for us. But it was a que for contact tracing
  16. Is it out yet or was you a bit worse for wear by the time you got home.
  17. Sorry @Chrisd and I missed everyone and aplologies to @CollyP for not catching your post of few weeks ago about the event. Lovely way to spend a couple of hours. Couple of shots from me;

    2679C856-38BC-4914-B130-A45C9716F988.jpeg 18FCFF04-3287-4B32-910D-B58A1A529FA3.jpeg
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  18. Anyone here this year?

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