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  1. Good time to do it, O landscaping TLBers? @Soggz ?

    I feel the need for...well, grass...
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  2. Good time to seed now, much cheaper :thumbsup:
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  3. Now is the best time for turf ...usually plenty of rain to save you watering plus not as hot .
    Most do it in mid summer as it's easier to work dry soil then get the hose and sprinkler bit of a faff for the customer .

    Seed can be now as there is still a bit of warmth to set it off....anything like last winter you could do it right through winter .
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  4. Tip when laying turf ..... green side up !
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  5. Lay lick bricks and lots of over butting and tamping water well .work off of scaffold boards.
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    Green side up for the win Snotski :thumbsup:
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  7. I dug my back garden lawn up a few years back and got raised beds for veg and flowers. Front garden lawn replaced with variety of shrubs, perennials and annuals, great for the bees and flutterbys.

    In contrast I have a near neighbour who has plastic lawn and plastic flowers and even plastic ivy up the walls.
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  8. Go for it snots. Wayne Rooneys new turf was very successful. You’ll soon get that old pony tail back.
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  9. Dubs

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    I think snotts is more of a man bun type tbh.
  10. That'll never happen - he's an instant gratification kind-o-guy ..

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  11. Lol. I am. Tried seed, but not great success. Next door had Mr Turfer in, and it was hassle free...
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    I have a neighbour with a plastic lawn. He’s so lazy even that gets weeds in it, he just replaces it every five years o_O
  13. AstroTurf needs pressure washing every few years to blow all the rotted leaves out of it. I tend to mix in a quarter of a pint of whisky in the pressure washer detergent reservoir.

    It gives the AstroTurf lawn that 'half cut' look....
  14. Now.
  15. Taxi!!
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  16. Terrordales

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    Don't forget your coat.

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  17. I’ll get it next Friday...

    I’m here all week.

    Or as Delilah said to Samson...

    “I’m here...all weak”.:hattip:
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  18. Tough crowd..
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  19. Get the police to do it if you want it in a hurry.
    (Work it out yourself :))
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    Oh deary, deary me.

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