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  1. Nowthen boys and girls after a good few months of motoring ive decided im going have a go at adding some huff and puff to my engine.

    Going down the old Renault 5 GT turbo solex route, got a turbo, gona fit a deep sump and extra oil cooler and pretty much got my head around the set up after many hours of research.

    Now this is just gona be my first attempt and I wanna do this at a low cost because if I like the way it goes I think I will sink some decent cash into a full rebuild with fuel injection......the hole hog!

    So Ive been thinking about timing and more to the point retarding it whilst under load/boost. Dont wanna just limit the advance as this will mean at higher revs whist not under load i,e. criusing the timing will affectively be 10 or so degs out which will cause heat and economy issues.

    I have looking into the volvo/saab distributors which have boost retard fitted just like vac advance in reveres not wanting to be to crude but these are as rare as hens teeth and have given up looking for one.

    So my idea is to use a small actuator from a turbo wastegate modified to replace the vac unit on the dizzy or to maybe actually turn the complete dizzy in the casing to retard the ignition as the boost rises.

    Just wondered if anyone had seen or heard of this before or please tell me if im just being mad!?!

    By the way I like tinkering so this aint all to keep it on the cheep i just like a challenge!
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    @Silver is very knowledgeable on this subject he will help i'm sure.
  3. ditch the distributor and fit crankfired ignition...with Megajolt (megasquirt if you're going FI) you can remap the timing to suit....
    check the forums....loads of info there

    'Just wondered if anyone had seen or heard of this before or please tell me if im just being mad!?!'
    Vacuum control valve?
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    :lol: Not that sort of retard:rolleyes:
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  5. try picking @lhu1281 's brains....he's using SC.....
  6. Yeah cos hes a turbo boosted mongtard :)
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    Renault 5s don't have a vac retard can on the dizzy so it must be ecu controlled and the ignition module on a Renault 5 isn't expensive, so perhaps its possible to pipe in the r 5 ignition unit with a t25 distributor as they have an electronic ignition with an advance retard controller at idle, or go t25 dual dizzy, has a vac can for advance and retard and link in the boost
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    Sorry @daisy1 these guys search every thread with 'retard' as the keyword, just in case it's about me:( I'm sure someone intelligent will be along to help you soon. :thumbsup:
  9. loads of threads using the modified saab dizzy .... that would be the route i`d go .are they that hard to find ?

    I`m using cheap motor bike (VFR 800 ) throttle boddies and crank fire ignition with megasquirt ....

    i think you can also fanny with the bob weights in a 009 dizzy as well , or maybe the 123 dizzy ?

    The Renaught 5 route is very well proven with loads of build threads on vzi etc etc
  10. I looked into doin this on my old tp. I got a collection of parts together then bought a scooby. The 5gtt uses a renix 209 module to control the ignition timing. You would also need to find a turbo from a ph1's (t2) which is oil cooled rather than water cooled.
    On my old r5 Gtt I personally go rid of the renix unit and the dizzy and ran a ford coil pack and nodiz mappable ignition. Once set up it was making as much power at 7psi as it was previously at 20psi. Only tip on the r5 carb tho is to remove the chock flap as its a massive restriction, just makes it abit harder to start

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