Tuning your solex carb - 28, 30,34 pict. A guide from total VW magazine

Discussion in 'How To' started by paulcalf, May 10, 2019.

  1. Hopefully this will prove useful to someone at somepoint
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    I'm going to sticky this. Thanks for posting. I don't suppose you could scan the mag for better images could you?
  3. I thought the pictures looked ok

    Ill try and scan them at somepoint
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    They are okay ish. perfectly legible, but they look a bit blurred to me. No biggy bud. :)
  5. Ill fire up the scanner at somepoint.
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    Having a wideband O2 sensor air fuel meter their graph doesnt show what a wideband reports.

    Cold idle 10 to 12
    Max power 12 to 13 (and cooling..) ..uphill
    Idle 14 to 15 (lean best idle) .. driving on the level
    Light load 15 to 17 .. downhill at 50

    And before considering changing your carburettor just consider that the 34pict-3 idle circuit being completely separated means it should provide better management of mixture than a lot of aftermarket solutions where idle is set by cracking open the main throttle. Like a progressive.
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    ..... so I'm on the road to redemption if I'm going to swap a Bocar for a Solex when the de-icing bits go in this winter?

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