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  1. You incinuating I cant read!:mad:
  2. Asshole!!! :)
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  3. theBusmonkey

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    This is where they live. Trollstigen, The Troll Ladder in Rauma, Norway

    Fancy running the bus up here??:thumbsup:

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  4. Someone else's bus perhaps, that's a hill!
  5. Double like!!!!
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  6. I'm full of cold and feeling cac, that made me laugh though, life's too short :)
  7. Just looked at that on google maps, what a stunning place! Did you take your bus there?
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  8. Me too - had a chuckle. Been trying not to take things too seriously but sometimes I just cant let things go (whether Im right or wrong it seems) Ta for the larf!
  9. theBusmonkey

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    Not yet! @Colin. But all this talk of Norway & Sweden is making us think....;)
    I was looking into a trip up to @Clive Neilands possibly next year & thought about looking at things to do......
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  10. I did sympathise, it seemed a bit off the wall,guess you shouldn't ask questions if you're not prepared to like the answers
  11. Hopefully water under the bridge (where the trolls live - wow good loop!)
  12. We'd really like to try Norway, it seems abit of an effort to get there in a van though unless I'm mistaken
  13. theBusmonkey

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    1500 miles one way with a ferry out of Denmark:eek:
    It's a dream......
  14. I drove this in 1975 during winter training on the way to Voss and Bergen..airportable landrover with chains
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  15. Go way up north in the summer,make sure u got good curtains because the sun never sets!
    Now that would be an adventure! Just make sure you get back before winter sets in because it can get very cold up there!
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  16. Poptop2

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    My eldest used to say we were paying the Troll fee when we went over the Severn bridge. Made I smile every time.
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  17. Sounds good, we have a local guy who does a cult TV program called salvage hunters, he went on a buying trip to northern Norway and it looked fantastic,maybe in a couple of years when I get some van mending experience in and some confidence we might well give that a go and get my own troll :)
  18. Ive been up north in the winter on an oil rig,saw the northern lights,the most strangest thing i have ever seen!
    I remember everybody on the rig stopped working and we all were gazing up at the sky,was one of those magical moments in life and so exotic for me being a South African.
  19. theBusmonkey

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    That's got to be on the bucket list but it's such a loooooong way to go.

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