FOR SALE Transit MK 5 engine.

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  1. Rebuilt.
    New top/bottom shell bearings.
    Surplus to requirement.
    I rebuilt it, after it dropped oil pressure, due to a £3.00 oil pressure valve spring failing. the bottom bearing on no.1 seized.
    Crank is well within tolerance, as it was measured by MJ Engineering, at the time, which gave me the go ahead to rebuild. The engine has never been timed up. It’s done 0 miles, so pretty much like a brand new engine. It was fitted with new rings. Come with everything you need, apart from starter and alternator, as they went on the replacement engine I used. Bosch fuel pump included, plus engine mounts, banana manifold, fan, etc.
    I would like £400.00 for it, but would except sensible offers.
    Thanks. E65C2AEE-B630-4C9F-BB72-D2FE079D9581.jpeg
  2. Bump.
  3. Is it worth advertising on here?
  4. Not your average Bay engine swop.
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  5. I know, but people have transits too. TLM!
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  6. I'll share it on the Transit forum for you, and a FB page I'm on.

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  7. Great! Thank you!
  8. I seem to remember saying this before, but you might have more response if you state the year which this engine is from. I work for Ford, in fact transit engines are my bread and butter, but I wouldn't know what year a mk 5 was. I'm assuming it's late 90s?
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