Towing van to garage advice

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Lord Congi, Aug 22, 2011.

  1. If its sorn it cant go on the road unless its to a pre booked mot
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    Remove the licence plates. Place a tow board belonging to the car in front, job done.
  4. Also do you need an 'on tow' sign ?
  5. the term "place of repair" is normally used.
    you are responsible for the vehicle you are towing and it still needs to be in a roadworthy condition, lights working, brakes etc etc. a trailer board can be used if its on a trailer only. if its a 2 minute tow round the corner then i would do it, if it needs to go 10 mile then you really need to get a trailer. if you think its too dodgy to tow then you are probably right.
    the police aren' t complete numptys and if you are towing a wreck then they will do you!
  6. Its not a wreck but its going about 15 miles.
    Cant afford a trailer so its definitely getting towed.
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    just tow it at a less busy time then so should you have a problem you don't hold traffic up and cause a scene likely to attract the rozzers.
  8. Just phone round a few recovery firms you may be surprised I paid 65 quid to get my bus back from the importers 30 miles away to home cash and he s told me it's 40 for local trips
    Not worth the hassle if you get pulled

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