Tow bar fiting

Discussion in 'Mech Tech' started by matty, Aug 2, 2020.

  1. Anyone fitted a tow bar with a 4-1 header and single quitepack type exhaust.
  2. Yep. Got a Westy-style towbar. No fitting probs.
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  3. Yes, the towbar basically fits where the bumper was and the bumper goes back further.

    This also shows the crack that happened after I whacked the silencer box on a few things, the black marks on the stainless are soot.

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  4. Had one when had twin quiet pack if helps, easy fit. Think its still somewhere if helps too.

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  5. If you want to sell let me know
  6. I think that's what Lizzie Lu has. What do people do about the bolts on the ends of the bumper?
  7. To the splash plates/shields whatever they’re called?
    I don’t think you can do anything, unless you make a custom bracket. My bus came without the plates and now there are gouges in the paintwork because of vibrating bumper ends...
    I’m planning to take my towbar off before I get the paint redone. I don’t think I’ll ever use it.
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  8. Hmm, mine vibrates too, especially at idle; must just hit a resonant frequency. It does look a bit odd with the bumper in the wrong place as well. I'm tempted to take it off but mates have pointed out the benefit of the impact protection of the tow hook. :thinking:
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  9. I hope they’ve just pointed out and not demonstrated it. :D
    Seriously though I’m more worried about a front rather than a rear impact.
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  10. Will look and let you know, where you based.

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  11. South of Bath
  12. I have so far been tailended 3 times on the towball.

    Which is why I now have a high level brake light in the rear window too.

    The last time I outbraked a Vauxhall Astra from about 60mph.

    The only damage has been all the welds along the top edge of the rear valance popped. But that might just be me slamming the engine hatch..

    I made gravel guards out of some stainless sheet. (Old Ikea medicine cabinet when they actually made them from stainless steel rather than foil coated chipboard ) Mine dont reach the back of the bus so cant rub on the paint.
  13. If any good just not sure on getting it to you from Cambs[​IMG]

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  14. Might be able to sort a courier if your happy to pack up I will need size and weight and location and what you want for it. PM me if doable.

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