Took the Bus here last week - where were we?

Discussion in 'Northd' started by Jestermans, Mar 14, 2012.

  1. The seaside!

    Do I get a prize! 😃
  2. Dont know where you are but well done in changing your bus into a boat
  3. Seaside - yes - and on dry land :)
  4. i think somewhere in scotlandshire :D
  5. Almost but it's in Englandshire 8)
  6. These Guys were there as well

  7. Pod


    Not very good actors, they look a bit wooden ;D
  8. MorkC68

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  9. they look like they are in an abbey on the coast somewhere in Northumberland like Holy island or Bamburgh
  10. Huzzah yes, Lindesfarne/Holy Island.Think we were the first over the Causeway that morning - 870 miles covered last week 8)
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  11. Sorry to re start a v old thread, but do you have any campsite recommendations near Lindesfarne/Holy Island please?

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