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Discussion in 'Can Cook, Will Cook' started by CollyP, Feb 11, 2014.

  1. Evening all,

    tonight I am using up the leftover roast chicken and wondered what to do with it.
    I decided that I would do skins-on, lumpy, mustard mash! 'Tis yum!!!

    I rummaged around the back of the freezer to find a 6 month old veg steam pack and added some pepper and gravy - Fan-bloody-tastic :)
  2. image.jpg
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  3. That mash sounds lush :)

    Mash for me tomorrow night
  4. It was lush indeed! Looks like I will also be having mash tomorrow - I made a little too much! :)
  5. I'll eat it
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  6. use mash to make a shep pie or fish pie or cheese n onion pie :food: or nice cornbeef rissoles
  7. Still more chicken to eat - ideas please?
  8. Curry
  9. The mash also needs eating (unless you have it all before hand :) )
  10. I don't see curry and mash as a problem

    Where are you?
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  11. West London - shall I post it?

    We will see whether the combo works tomorrow - I'm looking forward to it now :)
  12. Bit far for me. You'd better not post it or my postman will probably scoff it.

    Enjoy your dinner :)
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  13. chicken rissoles , chicken pie , chicken soup , chicken escalopes done in bread crumbs , chicken sheperds , supreme , cock o van ...............
  14. Could never eat a rissole - sounds too much like arseoles!
  15. nice get mash you have chop up onion fry in some oil til soft but not burned , mix with copped up chicken n mash , then make into round fish cake shapes n bread crumb , then fry in shallow oil with not so heathy chips or just sweet corn peas or what ever , chick supreme is nice make white sauce fry bit of bacon onion and add with chicken to white sauce splash white wine n half chic stock cube , have on top of rice .
  16. Now you're talking :thumbsup:
  17. I may give the cakes a go :)
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  18. Went with the curry option @Beaver 'twas great :thumbsup: image.jpg
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  19. I've been looking forward to mustard mash all day. Just tucking into mine now. With giant yorkie, peas, sweetcorn, steak onion rings and some gravy uploadfromtaptalk1392238652113.jpg
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  20. I've been fancying steak for ages you git :) looks like I'm gonna have to go shopping :)

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